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InBody BWA2.0

Body Water Analyser

The human body consists of 50~70% of body water. Healthy people maintain a balanced body water ratio between Intracellular Water and Extracellular Water at about 3:2. For the people who have poor blood circulation, injury, inflammation, and disease, body water ratio can be broken down which can lead to edema. Therefore, body water analysis is being used in various medical fields such as nephrology, cardiology, intensive care, and rehabilitation to screen and monitor the fluid balance of a patient.

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Clamp Electrode for High Reproducibility

Combination of two forceps electrodes, Clamp electrode acts as an indicator attached on the wrist and ankle for high reproducibility. The 16-Point Clamp Electrodes were developed in a way so that the electrodes can be positioned on the wrist and ankle bone. It allows the instructor to place the electrode in the proper position and secures the reproducibility by minimizing the measurement errors. This technology also exempted the resistance from the hands and feet, which secures a more accurate results. With the 16-Point Clamp Electrodes, two different measurement modes are provided which enables users to choose between —Research (Distal) and Medical (Proximal), depending on their purposes.

Accurate 3MHz High-Frequency
Measurement Technology

The higher the frequency, the more difficult it is to control the frequency in the human body which results in an unstable impedance measurement.​ BWA overcame this limitation and applied the world’s first 3MHz frequency which penetrates through our cell membranes even better.

Extensive Research Parameters for Researchers

Provides variety of optional parameters along with references for in-depth analysis of BWA result. Depending on the research purpose and preferences, it provides optional parameters with references.

Cover Wide Range of Patients including Amputee Patients

BWA2.0 is able to be used in wider range of subjects, such as amputee patients. InBody Result still available in these patient group.

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All New InBody

What's New in the Next Generation of InBody?

InBody’s Accurate 3 MHz Measurement Technology

7 Different Result Sheets for In-Depth Analysis

Age Specific Evaluation by InBody Big Data

BWA became the first to utilize the 3MHz frequency, which enables the precise measurement in diverse subjects. Furthermore, the 3MHz technology also ensures the measurement stability in all range of frequencies regardless of test environment.

Provides 7 different result sheets to fulfill all the needs of our researchers.
Evaluation, research, comparison, visceral fat, body composition (for children), and body water result sheet are available.

InBody provides body composition evaluation by age, based on globally accumulated InBody Big Data. With this, a comprehensive analysis is provided so that you can compare your data to the data of the young age group (T-score) and the same age group (Z-score).

Explore our other models

Portable Analysis

Do InBody tests wherever you go! With its compact design the InBody270 is created for travelling professionals

Advanced Analysis

The InBody570 tracks besides muscle and fat the intra- and extracellular water. In the field of diabetes, obesity and sarcopenia essential parameters.

Ultimate Analysis

The InBody970 is equipped with state-of-the-art 3MHz technology and new ergonomic design to better suit patients with different conditions and medical specialties than ever before.