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With multiple testing frequencies that deliver in-depth outputs, the InBody 380 offers portability and detailed data in the same package, for unbeatably quick yet advanced analysis. Get new insights into your clients’ health with Segmental Fat Analysis, ECW/TBW — Phase Angle, and other innovative metrics.

Embedded Barcode Scanner

Assess people faster. Testers can scan a QR code or InBody BAND to sync results with their InBody App profiles. Connect your InBody 580 to our cloud solution LookinBody Web to sync results with testers’ database profiles and eliminate manual data entry.

Easy Measurement

Test a broad variety of people in 30 seconds. The InBody 580’s quad load cell system enables it to accurately evaluate a wide range of weights during body composition testing, even if users need to hold the device’s handles for stability.

Customizable Results

Track the data that matters most. Select the order and type of outputs shown on the right-hand side of the Result Sheet. Personalize the Body Composition History to focus on the progress of specific metrics.

Use the Result Sheet
to reveal vital insights
that will help guide your consultations.

BIVA Graph

Gauges hydration levels and cellular health. This output shows the tester’s distribution of hydration and body cell mass on an X-Y graph that also displays healthy average percentiles, providing you with a key basis of comparison.

Segmental ECW/TBW Ratio

Monitors body water better. This output shows the extracellular water to total body water ratio for each individual limb, so you can spot unusual shifts in fluid distribution that may indicate edema, swelling, or inflammation.

Visceral Fat Area

Helps you assess the potential for disease. This output depicts the amount of fat in the tester’s trunk in a graph format that allows you to compare their results to others their age and see if they’re at risk for conditions like diabetes.

ECW/TBW — Phase Angle

Tracks the ratio of fluid balance to Phase Angle, a metric which has been shown to indicate cell membrane strength. Check it to see whether increases in extracellular water are having a negative or positive effect on cellular health.

InBody Features

Dedicated Account Management

Every client gets a dedicated account manager focused on helping you achieve your goals with InBody. From onboarding training to advice on improving your test experience, we will put you in a position to succeed.

Service and Support from InBody Experts

Whether you need technical support or you have a question about a Result Sheet, we are here to help. Our experts are available by phone, email, or online chat.

Knowledge Base & Resources

We have the blogs, ebooks, and resources to help you further your understanding of body composition and get the most out of your InBody.

Customers Saying

“I think the InBody is cutting-edge and it adds so much value to our program. Our epiphany moment was seeing clients’ results and feedback and being really blown away, and then being able to showcase the results a month or six weeks later was really powerful.”
Bryce Henson | Fit Body Boot Camp
Bryce Henson | Fit Body Boot Camp

Technical Details


30 Seconds


11 – 661 lb


BSM 170B, BSM 270B, BPBIO 320S, BPBIO 750, InGrip


LookinBody Web


Carrying Case, USB Drive, InBody Tissues, Laser/Ink Jet Printer, Thermal Printer, Marketing Materials


3 – 150 Years


3 ft 1.4 in – 7 ft 2.6 in


35.3 lb


16.3 x 34.3 x 42.1 (W x L x H): in


100,000 results (if member ID is utilized)


Body Composition, Children, Thermal


Portability, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Connectivity, Touch Screen, Cloud Service, Level Indicator, Manual Weight Input and Adjustment Capability, Quad Load Cell Capability, Embedded Barcode Scanner, Customer Logo, Database (Export CSV, Backup, Restore, Combine), BAND Connectivity, Customizable Body Composition History, Customizable Segmental Analysis


5, 50, 500 kHz


15 impedance measurements
3 frequencies at each of the
5 segments (RA, LA, Trunk, RL, LL)


1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


Body Composition Analysis (Weight, TBW [Total Body Water], FFM [Fat-Free Mass], ICW [Intracellular Water], ECW [Extracellular Water], DLM [Dry Lean Mass], BFM [Body Fat Mass]), Muscle Fat Analysis (Weight, SMM [Skeletal Muscle Mass], BFM), Obesity Analysis (BMI [Body Mass Index], PBF [Percent Body Fat]), Segmental Lean Analysis (Bar Graph, Human Figure Graph: [RA, LA, Trunk, RL, LL]), Segmental Fat Analysis (RA, LA, Trunk, RL, LL), ECW/TBW Analysis, Body Composition History (Weight, SMM, PBF, ECW/TBW, FFM, InBody Score, BMR [Basal Metabolic Rate], Visceral Fat Level, BFM, BMI, FFMI [Fat-Free Mass Index], FMI [Fat Mass Index], SMI [Skeletal Muscle Index], SMM/Weight, Whole Body Phase Angle), InBody Score, Visceral Fat Level Graph, Body Fat — Fat-Free Mass Control, BMR Graph, Research Parameters (FFM, BMR, Visceral Fat Level, Arm Circumference, FFMI, FMI, SMI, SMM/Weight, Recommended Calorie Intake Per Day [Result and Manual Input]), Calorie Expenditure of Activity, Blood Pressure

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