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InBody unveils InBody580 and InBody380

Refined Electrode Positioning

Effortlessly obtain accurate measurements

By holding the ergonomically designed

3-way hand electrode

Upgraded Screen Space

The InBody580 features a generous 10.1-inch touch display and keypad for a seamless and user-friendly operation

Smart Recognition

QR code recognition with mobile phones simplifies member data entry for enhanced efficiency

Additional Parameters for Thorough Assessment

Segmental ECW Ratio

The InBody580 now offers segmental ECW ratios, to help understand fluid imbalances per body segment. This assists in pinpointing concerns like edema (excessive fluid retention) and tracking fluid distribution changes across various body regions. Such insights are invaluable for identifying potential injuries, circulatory issues, and necessary interventions.

*Not available on the InBody380

Segmental Phase Angle

Segmental Phase Angle indicates the Phase Angle of each part of the body, representing the level of structural integrity and function of the cell membrane per body segment.

*Not available on the InBody380

ECW Ratio – Phase Angle

The Extracellular Water Ratio shows the balance status of the total body water. The ratio between intracellular water remains consistent at about 3:2 ratio in healthy individuals, and when this balance is disrupted, it can be an indicator for Edema. Within this section the Whole Body Phase Angle is also provided.

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What are the product specification differences between InBody570 and InBody580

The InBody580 can provide a body composition analysis within 30 seconds, faster than its predecessor at 45 seconds.
The weight limit has increased to 300kg and with more impedance measurements, the InBody580 can provide more parameters, such as, segmental ECW Ratio and Phase Angle.

Is there a price difference between the InBody570 and InBody370 to the newer InBody580 and InBody380?

There will be a price increase that is reflective of enhancements in our products, such as, improved features, upgraded materials, and advanced technology. These modifications are designed to elevate the InBody experience from quality, performance, and insightful information.
The decision to adjust prices is never taken lightly and is based on several factors that contribute to delivering the best quality and value to our InBody users. We remain committed to delivering exceptional value for your investment.

What will happen to the InBody570 and InBody370

The products will continue to be available for sale in 2024, however, production for the these models will be discontinuing within 2024. Products will be still be serviceable up to 2030.

What happens if we need repairs after 2030 for InBody570 or InBody370

InBody will retain safety stock of parts but there will be no guarantee of part availability.

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