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Why InBody?

The next evolution in


and body composition analysis

Our advanced BIA technology has been validated in over 4,900 clinical studies worldwide and proven amongst the most accurate.
100M+ Scans
28 years In the Industry
80 Countries

What makes InBody Technology Different?

Traditional BIA technology measures the human body as a single-cylinder using one frequency, which increases the likelihood of inaccurate results.

Conventional BIA devices use empirical estimations based on factors like age and sex to help improve accuracy.
While this may work for people with a standard body type, it is inaccurate for those who do not fit this mold, such as fit elderly adults.

Everyone has a unique body composition

– that’s why InBody makes innovative technology
tailored to the individual, not a group.

InBody’s medical-grade body composition analyzers use four pillars of technology to provide accurate, precise direct segmental measurement multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis (DSM-MFBIA) extensively validated to gold-standard methods.

Decode Your Body Composition with InBody

Whether you’re in the fitness industry striving for peak performance or the medical field focused on holistic health management, understanding your InBody result sheet is paramount.

For fitness professionals, it offers a comprehensive view beyond weight, providing crucial insights into muscle mass, body fat percentage, and hydration levels, essential for tailoring personalized workout plans and optimizing performance. In the medical realm, this detailed analysis facilitates the assessment of metabolic health, detection of early signs of diseases, and monitoring of treatment progress, empowering both patients and healthcare providers to make informed decisions for better health outcomes.

“Decode your body composition with InBody
and embark on a journey towards total wellness.”

Due to the excellent analysis and the fast, simple way of measuring,
the InBody is used worldwide in many different sectors.

Whether your area of expertise is fitness, medicine, or nutrition, our professional body composition analyzers and blood pressure monitors deliver accurate, quick, and non-invasive assessments
to provide you with insightful and actionable data.
Explore our collection
of award-winning devices
designed for professionals.

InBody body composition analysers are equipped with a range of features and technologies that set them apart in the industry.
From bioelectrical impedance analysis to visceral fat result sheets, these machines offer a comprehensive view of one’s health.
Let’s explore some of the standout features that make InBody the gold standard in the industry.


This technology is a significant advancement in the field of body composition analysis, offering a reliable and trustworthy data set.

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis

InBody machines utilise bioelectrical impedance analysis to provide accurate and detailed insights into one’s body composition.

Visceral Fat
Result Sheet

Offering a detailed visceral fat result sheet, providing users with the necessary data to manage and reduce unhealthy fat levels effectively.


This feature facilitates a quick and easy analysis of one’s body composition, offering a convenient solution.

InBody body composition scanners and analyser machines represent a monumental advancement in the field of health and wellness.
Offering a range of machines that cater to different needs and levels of analysis,
InBody has established itself as the gold standard in the industry.
Whether you are a professional seeking detailed insights or an individual embarking on a wellness journey,
InBody has the perfect solution for you.


Your Health in Your Hands

Your health is more than one number on the scale. With the InBody App*, you’ll get access to comprehensive wellness data to help you understand whole body health, build segmental balance, and make healthy changes that will allow you to live well today, tomorrow, and for years to come. It’s time to get reacquainted with your body.

*Outputs vary by InBody model.


InBody machines offer a range of features and technologies, including bioelectrical impedance analysis and 3MHz technology, that set them apart as the gold standard in the industry.
InBody machines offer detailed insights into various aspects of one’s body composition, including muscle mass and bone mass analysis, enabling the creation of a personalised fitness regime grounded in precise data.
Absolutely, InBody machines employ advanced technology to ensure data accuracy and reliability, making them a trusted choice among professionals and individuals alike.
Yes, InBody machines encompass features that allow users to monitor their progress over time, offering a detailed view of their body composition history.
InBody machines provide detailed visceral fat result sheets, enabling individuals to take proactive measures in managing and reducing unhealthy fat levels.

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